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360Activate created a holographic marketing solution incorporating props, 3D animation and a refrigerated product stand. This campaign helped to boost Heineken beer sales through the power of intrigue.

Fresh and creative

The Holo Ignite single-sided display was perfect for the Heineken - Open Your World campaign. The large internal space of the Ignite allowed the easy construction and placement of custom physical props. Complemented by a beer fridge stand, the holographic display depicts a chilled bottle of ice cold beer brought to life with animation amongst mounds of ice.

Combining 3D animation and physical objects together created an exciting result. Life-like bubbles rise-up from the bottle giving the appearance of everlasting freshness, while magical starbursts appear and spin around the bottle. Using Ignite’s custom lighting effects allowed for a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere inside, enticing customers.


  • Heineken



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