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A unique solution
for a large product

Find out below how we developed a quick and cost-effective solution to rendering 3D models while maintaining that essential wow factor.

Quick turnaround
for the expo


The HOLO SPARK, our flagship holographic display was used at the Denso’s expo stall to command attention and inform customers about their product offerings.


Custom product selector (touchscreen interface) to view info about each product, not to mention the custom vinyl wrap on stand with Denso branding.


Some of Denso’s more popular consumer products such as the radiator, spark plug, direct injection coil, alternator, starter motor, compressor and more were filmed instead of created as 3D models as a more cost-effective solution. For Denso to show their large products in a holographic setting we created a custom designed well-lit 360-degree turntable rig to accommodate the large size of the products. We filmed them on as they spun in front of a green screen and harnessed that footage to create products very similar to that of an animation. This helped us to also fit into the tight production schedule, meaning we delivered a great result with a quick turn-around to get to the AAA expo on time!


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