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Be enthralled, be delighted, be excited! See how we thrilled the socks of circus goers with one of our customisable mini games.

you otherwise couldn’t

Behold our newest VR mini game – knife throwing. Virtual reality is the ideal way to allow people to participate in a skill that would otherwise be too dangerous. It is the perfect activation for an expo due to the competitive nature of our games, just match your VR experience with a competitive campaign and watch as expo attendees line up to compete for the title.

For our friends at Circus Oz we really ramped up the carnival atmosphere by continuing the theme with prizes for high scores and a fun and informative poster. Because we were able to display what the VR user is seeing via a giant screen this quickly drew a crowd and built anticipation in people who were about to try the experience for themselves. This is exactly the result ourselves and Circus Oz where hoping to achieve. The experience proved to be so popular that in addition to trying it themselves they quickly spread the word and soon external Circus Oz staff were queueing up to beat the high score!

The aim of the game was to gain the highest score by throwing virtual knives at a spinning gameshow-esque wheel, no glamorous female assistants where harmed during the course of the night. As with all of our customizable experiences, this mini game is ready to be retrofitted to your brand. Change the colours, alter the fonts – set up VR at your next expo and bring the wow factor!

Pre-emptive to the Circus Oz evening event - we organised for the staff at Circus Oz to give it a test drive (test throw?).

As you can see from the video below, it was extremely well received. Not only did we gain valuable advice on how to make the experience feel more authentic, we were able to capture some fantastic footage!


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