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National Opal Collection

Nature’s Fireworks

An instore holographic activation makes an important impact on a customers overall experience. The National Opal Collection showcases their best opal jewellery pieces while beautiful animation circulates around it in our HD3 holographic display.

Harnessing the attention
of international buyers

As you walk down the stairs from the well-known Swanston St Melbourne you are greeted with a feast for the eyes. It feels like you’ve travelled somewhere truly unique, an opal mine in the centre of the city. Tourists flock to here from all over the world, hoping to get there hands on a uniquely Australian treasure. These special Australian gems beckon to be displayed in ways that are as unique as they are. At the entranceway to the store, our holographic display houses NOCs most prolific ring, giving the piece the attention it deserved while drawing eyes with 3D animated fireworks.

Visit the NOC store , or watch the video above for a sneak peek!


  • National Opal Collection



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