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Warren & Brown

A glimpse of
the future

Killer robots, biomechanical security scans and a comprehensive introduction to some of the most advanced server rack technology in the country. All the ingredients for 360Activate’s latest unbelievable VR experience.

Step into
the future

Designed to introduce expo visitors to Warren and Brown’s range of network solutions, this whirlwind tour of the ‘server room of the future’, really showcases our advanced interactive VR capabilities. After a customised tutorial, users quickly find themselves closely examining MTP Modules and patching-in realistic cables like an experienced tech wizard!

A breathtaking
grand finale

But the fun doesn’t stop there, the experience concludes with an unforgettable encounter with a 20-foot robot! (and his buddy Kevin…) Can you escape it’s clutches unscathed or will your bones, and internal organs, be turned to jelly?

Why not book a demonstration in our showroom and find out for yourself!


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