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VicRoads Virtual Reality

VR Traffic Management

VicRoads approached 360Activate asking if we could provide a solution that would allow them to educate the general public and allow them to experience firsthand some of the challenges they face while keeping everyone safe during road works.

A true sense of presence

We immediately knew the perfect solution for this activation, no other medium can give you the feeling of standing in someone else’s shoes as authentically as Virtual Reality.

The user is guided through two scenarios’ - firstly laying out a series of traffic cones, this demonstrates how dangerous this can be due to the extremely close proximity they have to be to moving traffic. Then they are asked to control the flow of traffic through a worksite – this gives the user a realistic insight into the amount of abuse that traffic controllers are exposed to daily by impatient drivers.

Behaviour Re-Evaluation

The project has proved to be a massive success, it has been used around regional Victoria at various events. Participants reaction to the experience was very positive and most users admitted that they should re-evaluate their behaviour in these situations.


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