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Royal Children’s Hospital

150th Year Celebration

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, 360Activate were asked to create a mobile app that children visiting the hospital could engage with and pass the time and learn about health, while waiting for their appointments.

Creating ‘Healthy Adventures with Ari’

The initial concept for the app was for the kids to find and scan posters around the hospital and be rewarded with a series of short informative animated videos, however after extensive workshopping and consultation with health professionals from RCH, it was decided that a series of educational games would be a more age effective, engaging experience for the kids – and so, ‘Healthy Adventures with Ari’ was born.

All for a good cause

After completing development, the app was given to the most important group of people for testing – the kids. The feedback was amazing, they loved the games, they loved Ari, and were also taking on board the healthy key messages the app was designed for – it was an overwhelming success and a proud moment for all of the team who worked incredibly hard on the project.

As part of the official launch of the 150th year celebrations, Sue Hunt, the Chief Executive Officer of the RCH Foundation encouraged guests to download and play with the app. It was an honour for the team to be invited to the launch and gave us all a great sense of pride to be associated with such an amazing medical facility.


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