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Melba Coffee and Tea

Coffee that
wakes the dead

“Wow, never have I sold so much coffee in one day!”
Rosa Di Fiore – Owner of Café Chapter 16

What’s real
and what’s not?

Using holographic technology 360Activate brought the Melba coffee tagline “Coffee that wakes the dead” to life – literally. In another example of how physical product and animation can harmonize – no one viewing this hologram could tell what was real and what wasn’t!

A vinyl branded custom product stand completed this promotion and translated into sales by:

  1. Enticing customer engagement with the holographic display
  2. Creating easily recognised branding through the vinyl wrap
  3. Providing immediate access to the promoted product via the customised stand
  4. Melba rotates this display among its affiliated cafes helping to generate new foot traffic for each of the cafés, creating repeat business, and providing a talking point for customers and staff.

Melba now puts the display on monthly rotating among its affiliated cafes around Melbourne. It helps to generate new foot traffic for each of the cafés, creates repeat business, and is inevitabley a magnificent talking point for customers and staff.


  • Melba Coffee and Tea



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