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Integrate the digital with printed media using Augmented Reality. Create interactive experiences for your customers wherever you print your marketing, newspapers, flier, business card and posters can all come to life.

What is

Augmented Reality?

360Activate are at the front line of this rapidly developing field. We’ve always been excited by new technology and innovative design; augmented reality is the epitome of both.

Augmented Reality lets you place a digital layer over any physical surface. Unlocking that layer with a smartphone or tablet and opens up a 3D experience upon the physical world. Imagine customers scanning an ad for your business and their amazement when it comes to life to display a video or the physical item you’re promoting.

How Augmented Reality can

Benefit You

By adding a digital recognition layer to any print media 360Activate can bring your product to life and give the viewer an interactive experience using layers of 3D, animation and product information. This makes your information much more malleable and available to your audience – not to mention fun! Use it as an exciting educational tool for schools or universities, real estate, medicine, physical products, and more. Augmented Reality can be added to already existing printed material or we can help ou design new materials to engage your audience.

Customer Experience

Your Own App

360Activate design, create and publish your branded viewing app on both Apple and Android. This extends the reach of your Augmented Reality experience allowing the maximum number of customers and clients access to you, in their pocket, at any time they want.

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It’s as simple as download the 360Activate app to your phone through iTunes or Google Play. Print the 360 Activate target . Scan the target with the app and experience a new version of reality.

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