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Evoke a unique emotional connection with your audience though the creation of a custom virtual reality experience that will take your clients into a new realm.

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360Activate are here to make you look good, so we are always searching for the most innovative, cutting edge and exciting forms of marketing around.

Working together we can deliver fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences to your customers. Whether you’re looking for a fun game, a unique experience or the ability to place someone in another world, we incorporate dramatic environments, dynamic lighting and immersive audio that takes you to another world – your customers will never want to return to real life.


Creative Possibilities

Virtual Reality isn’t limited to gaming. 360Activate can transform an otherwise impossible scenario into a mind blowing reality. Imagine standing on the deck of an ancient shipwreck thousands of meters below the ocean or walking through your new house before the first brick is even placed. 360Activate can tailor the technology to staff training programs, the tourism industry, retail marketing and much more. The only limit is imagination.

When retro meets futuristic you get

The VR Box

VR Box is our Virtual Reality solution designed to roll in and out of any activation. Its purpose is to make VR easy and accessible for everyone. Everything you need is ready to go, a VR experience can be up and running in minutes. The VR Box was fully designed and built in-house by our VR production team.

Sleek & Engaging

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Elegant looking, easy to use and easy to setup, at its heart it contains a custom built, high end gaming PC with all the latest components and a multiple fan cooling system in-built. For maximum audience engagement, the VR Box can be easily paired with a large screen TV or any other digital display. To find out more, just ask our sales team for a demonstration.

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