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Introducing the XL3

With a width of 1 metre XL3 is a powerful and eye-catching marketing tool that harnesses the ability to showcase your physical product with amazing 3D animation.


Specifications & Features

XL3 has a streamlined look and feel with improved optics quality, resulting in a crystal clear and sharp experience with an even higher level of detail.

Viewable Sides: 3

WxHxD: 1035x550x685mm

Weight: 50kg

Display: 3x23”

Resolution: HD LED 1920:1080

Free SD Card with demo content


Dynamic light control

Key security

Add ons


Bring your brand to life with visually engaging animated content. Let your hologram execute branded messages to viewers like no other channel ever can.

Add ons


360Activate instils physical realness within holographic displays to give your viewers a true to life experience. By putting real items and virtual animation together, your brand will stick in a way no other medium offers.

Add ons


Increase your marketing reach with a range of stands.                    

Choose from:

1. BASIC – Unadorned stand
2. BACKLIT – Lasercut logo with backlighting
3. BRANDED – Vinyl wrap with brand artwork
4. TOUCHPAD – Tablet integration into stand
5. PRODUCT – Customised product shelving

Add ons


Flightcases make transportation easy, giving you knowledge that your holographic display will always arrive ready to wow.

FEATURES: 4 wheels, lock, trolly handle and carry handle.
WEIGHT: Approx 5kg

Add ons


Consumers interact with the products and options that pique their interest. Play operates with your hologram on iPhone or iPad, and allows your customers to have control of branded content at their fingertips.

Add ons


One of our strongest senses is now a part of the hologram revolution. Using sight, sound, interaction and now smell your customers can completely embrace this unique experience. Set the mood in your space.

Add ons


Our Content Management System (CMS) is the simplest way to manage all your content to control your displays from your very own device. No tech expertise required, just upload your video, apply volume and light levels, set the time and timezone details, and you’re good to go!

Add ons


The Social Media Hood allows you to display pre-approved or real-time posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Yelp so that you can engage audiences and spread the word.

Social Media Hoods feature:

  • Customisable Design
  • Live Analytics
  • Smart Filtering
  • Remote Pre-Approval Control
  • Smart Post Filtering

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